Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sample blanket

Having managed to warp the loom with a 9.5 yard warp there is plenty of scope to experiment with twill patterns on a variety of themes.

Janet Phillips' book ' Designing Woven Fabrics' provides a template for a sample blanket with clear explanations and the aim for this project is to get used to using the pedals to move the shafts ( a transition for me as I have only used my hands to move leavers on the table loom) as well as working with a floor loom and getting to know same.

The warping and threading took a long time, simply because the shafts were all over the place and the task was awkward to me. It looked a mess  but eventually I found a way to balance the lease sticks on the shafts and take each thread as it came along.

Warping requires patience and I am quite happy to give this task the attention it deserves.Best not to do this when you are tired or frustrated as it requires a more zen atmosphere while guiding the threads through the heddles.

Weaving requires me to learn a new ancient set of words too which as a linguist is fascinating.

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